Motor Car Claims

I. Report the incident as soon as possible to Reliance Surety & Insurance Co., Inc. c/o Claims Department.  The incident report consists of the following information:

  1. Insured vehicle involved:
    • Year Model
    • Type of Body
    • Plate Number
    • Color
    • Copy of Registration Certificate
    • Driver’s License of the Involved Driver
    • Insurance Policy Number (if available)
  2. The incident date, time, place& how it happened (submit affidavit / police report):
    • Direction of travel of each vehicle immediately before the collision
    • Points of impact
    • Damage sustained by each vehicle
    • Sketch of position of vehicles on impact and after impact
  3. The identity of the other party involved:
    • Third-party vehicle (Property Damage)
      •     Name of Registered owner
      •     Copy of registration certificate
      •     Name of insurer – contact person
      •     Damage sustained arising from this incident only
    • Third-party (Bodily Injury)
      • Name of injured person, age occupation, telephone number
      • Injuries sustained as a result of the incident
  4. Additional Documents Required If Your Vehicle is Stolen (Carnap):
    • Complaint Sheet – this is a document executed by the military authorities in the Philippine National Police, Camp Crame based on the information gathered from the complainant or assured.
    • Alarm Sheet – this is a document issued by the police authorities for distribution to their different outlets.  This will be lifted by them upon recovery of the stolen vehicle.
    • Affidavit of the driver
    • Certificate of Non-Recover y – to be secured by the claimant from Traffic Management Command (TMC), PNP, Camp Crame.
    • Outstanding loan balance from Bank, if mortgaged.
    • Photocopy of purchase invoice or delivery receipt of the vehicle.
    • LTO confirmation.

II. If the vehicle is damaged, discuss and inform Reliance Surety & Insurance Co., Inc. on your choice of repair shop and when you could bring the vehicle there for estimate or repair.

III. In Case a Third-Party Person Sustains Bodily Injury:

  1. If you are not exposed to danger, ensure that the injured person receives immediate medical attention.  Unless authorized by us, do not sign any guaranty to pay for the medical or hospital bills.
  2. Report to the nearest Traffic Control Office and get a copy of the Police Report.
  3. The following documents are need to support bodily injury claims:
    • Medical / Death Certificate
    • Medical and Hospital Bills
    • Funeral Service Bill / Receipts
    • Claimant’s Identification Paper (Birth Certificate / Marriage Contract)

IV. Things to Remember:

  1. The following are for your account:
    • Deductible as indicated in the policy
    • Depreciation charges due to wear and tear
    • Repair of any part not accident connected
  2. Always obtain our consent before you authorize any repair of your car or on the other party’s car at non-accredited repair shop.
  3. In all events, no admission of liability, offer or promise of payments shall be made by you or on our behalf without our consent.
  4. Every letter, claim, writ, summon, subpoena should be immediately forwarded to our company to ensure that appropriate actions are taken and the matter properly attended to.
  5. Note that processing of claims could only be started once documents have been completed to allow the processors to evaluate the same.  All documents to be submitted should be clear and readable.

For inquiries during office hours, please call our Claims Department at telephone number 243-0261 (locals 112/114/203/254) or you can chat with our claims Staff 

For Emergency Assistance, please call our 24/7 HOTLINE at telephone number 577-6031 or mobile number 0917-8811108.

Download claim form and check list and email the accomplished form to or

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