Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

This is an insurance required before a business license is issued in order to operate a business enterprise. It covers various establishments against financial and legal liabilities arising from damage to another party’s property or injury to another person. It also includes loss of use as a result of any of the hazards insured against.

Types of CGL Coverage:

  • Products Coverage– insures when a liability suit is brought against the manufacturer and/or distributor of a product because of someone incurring a bodily injury or property damage through use of the product.
  • Completed Operations– coverage for bodily injury or property damage incurred because of a defect in a completed project of the insured.
  • Premises and Operations– for bodily injury incurred on the premises of the insured, and/or as the result of the insured’s business operations.
  • Elevators / Escalators– coverage for bodily injury incurred in an elevator or escalator on the insured’s premises.
  • Independent Contractors– coverage for bodily injury incurred as the result of negligent acts and omissions of an independent contractor employed by the insured.